A Real Church,  With Real Purpose,  For Real People.

No matter where you come from or where you are now, we invite you to join us as we pursue God together.

Sundays at 11 AM

More Than A Church Service...

God can change any life, any situation, and any community. The reason we believe this is because of our personal experiences...we’ve been exactly where you’ve been! 

We’re a group of imperfect people, that God has impacted. God chooses to use our imperfections to help others. Imperfection is a reality but we’re also a church that is full of miracles! Miracles of how God can help, heal, restore, deliver, and save.

We’re here to share the love that we’ve received from God with others. We share God’s love through supporting and serving one another. Love is not just a feeling, it’s action!


Find a place to connect with others and work out your purpose.

Prayer & Support

Need support through a difficult time? We’re here to help.


See what’s happening and what we’re doing in the community.

Nina L.

"Excellent Bible teaching and wonderful presence of God in their services. This church has a great outreach to the community! The worship services are amazing and they believe in prayer as a foundation for everything they do!

If you want direction in your walk with God you will receive it here. Love, love, love this church!!"


“What makes Christ Temple Apostolic stand out the most in my mind are the people. They are the most genuine Christians I ever met. People who worship the only One that saves us with true authentic joy and pleasure. These are people who give out of pure love expecting nothing in return. People who have loved me and my husband beyond description.

They've welcomed us in our lowest and loved us the same through tough situations and rejoiced with us as we conquered those same situations. If you are looking for a church that loves you already like Christ loves you, you just found it.”

What Makes Us Different?

We don’t look to people for answers, but we look to God. And with God we don't have to run away from problems, but we can face them and heal from them. 

Though we are imperfect, God works through us to do amazing things. And we know that God wants to do something amazing through you as well.