What To Expect Your First Time With Us

When & Where:

Service Times:

Sunday School at 10 AM
Worship at 11 AM


2307 Elwood Ave.
South Bend, Indiana 46628

CTA feels like another home to me.

When I first started attending Christ Temple... I was nervous, uncomfortable and had some preconceived notions... I have never been apart of any church as an adult.

All of my fear and anxiety was thrown out by the leadership and congregation rapidly. We were welcomed, loved and still benefit from the uplifting fellowship from all who wish to be truly seek after God and His ways.

CTA feels like another home to me. I can't express the love and friendship we received at the door and through the days we aren't in the actual church building. Being apart of CTA is an everyday journey to which makes life much more worth living for.

God's love and grace flows fluently throughout the leadership and fellowship of this church! I now feel and know that I am on the path God wants me on at this very moment in my life.”

What’s A Sunday Like?


We believe in the power of prayer. It's our heartbeat at CTA because we 're all products of prayer. Every service will have prayer opportunities. 


Because of what God has done for us, we can’t help but be excited when we worship. You'll experience heartfelt worship expressed through songs of praise and deep reflection. You are free to worship as you’re comfortable. 

The Word of God

You'll receive a message from the Word of God that will be both inspirational and practical each week. You’ll learn what God desires for you and how to put it into practice.

For The Kids:

We're not a church that pushes the children to the side. They have a voice and a purpose. We believe in our children and we invest in them. This includes involvement in our services, children's ministry classes and other ministry opportunities. 

We have age appropriate  classes at 10am on Sunday's. Our teachers are passionate about equipping our children for success as they teach our children biblical principles and encourage them to live those principles out.  We also have a bible quizzing program that helps to instill the Word of God into their lives, while they build discipline and impactful relationships. Our children are not just the church of the future, they are the church of today! 

Some People You'll Meet...


“What makes Christ Temple Apostolic stand out the most in my mind are the people. They are the most genuine Christians I ever met. People who worship the only One that saves us with true authentic joy and pleasure.

These are people who give out of pure love expecting nothing in return. People who have loved me and my husband beyond description. They've welcomed us in our lowest and loved us the same through tough situations and rejoiced with us as we conquered those same situations.

If you are looking for a church that loves you already like Christ loves you, you just found it.”


You've found a new church family that are loving and caring and also helps you get closer to God.

The presence of God is always in the atmosphere, from to the small groups, to the services.

When I started at this church I was broken and alone. After attending for a while, I decided to rededicate myself to Christ. I'm not be alone with my walk with God. I've received amazing support to help me understanding and bringing closer to the word of God.


“Christ Temple Apostolic is a place where you will find people who genuinely love God and genuinely love people! It is a place that believes in healing: spiritual, emotional, and physical.

CTA people are encouraging, friendly, and fun! There are many different activities that invite you to get involved and meet new people and make new friends.

Come and visit. You are welcome here!”

A Message From Our Leadership Team

On behalf of our leadership team we want to invite you to join us at a upcoming service or event.
If you're looking for perfection, that's not us. However, if you're looking for REAL people, REAL purpose and REAL power, you'll find that.
We ALL need God and we ALL need each other. Everybody is on this journey together and we want to grow together.

We would love to meet you and have you join this journey with us.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can we get connected?

The best way is to visit us in person on Sundays, but you can also call the church office at (574) 233-3892 or email us anytime at SouthBendCTA@gmail.com. 

Can you pray with us?

Absolutely. Fill out an online prayer request form and we would be honored to pray with you.

When is the food pantry?

Our Food Pantry is the 2nd and last Monday of every month. 

Have A Question or Need Special Accommodations?

Let us know and we'll get back to you within 48 hours with information or assistance.